Interior design for owners and pets

Design4Pets pet furniture is designed to meet the needs of the pet and bring in the extra
aesthetics in your space. The product, ideally placed in the space, is a decoration of a home or business building.
If you have no idea which product is ideal for you and your pet, we offer you a solution. Also,
in addition to the offered products, it is possible to create special multifunctional products for the owners and
pets, hotels and playhouses for dogs. Our solutions are ideal for both small spaces and large dogs in which
we make furniture for owners, in which we fit both a bed and a cage for a pet, as well as for large spaces in
with which we turn products such as cages into unique pieces of furniture.
For all lovers of beauty, Design4Pets is the solution.
Advisory services are free for all customers. Let us make the life of your pet and you more beautiful.

Personalize your product

Want your dog's name on his pillow?
It's possible!
A personalized message in the form of text or drawing can be added to each dog pillow. Depending on
material (wood, leather, textile), the method of fixing it to the pillow and the position will be adjusted.
If you have an idea, feel free to contact us or leave the solution to us!