Dog pillow Chic&Shine

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Ruffles have been ubiquitous in fashion for centuries, and the detail was also seen on bed linen. Why shouldn't the same be on a dog pillow?

As the name suggests, the Chic&Shine pillow brings a little glamor to the home. The pillow is extremely soft and offers a comfortable sleep for the pet, but it is also a beautiful detail in the home. It consists of a cover and a filler made of silicone balls, and the balls also mean choosing a soft sleep.

Every movement of your pet will be a new immersion in exceptional softness. The rich and thick velvet cover further completes the atmosphere.

Dog pillow Chic&Shine

It has a furniture cover of high weight and density, the pet can happily scratch the pillow, the cover will remain unchanged. The cover is water-repellent and easy to maintain, it is easy to clean with wet wipes or with a little dog shampoo and water without removing it, and it can be removed and washed.

The filler comes in a water-repellent fabric, but is also washable. When drying, the filler must be shaken and rubbed several times so that the balls do not remain stuck. After prolonged use, the filler may lose its fullness. Don't worry, the filler cover has a patent, so you can refill it as well.

Recommendation: all age groups.


Washing the cover: 30

Washing pillows: 30

Dryer: no

Ironing: yes

Fabric resistance to rubbing – 100,000 revolutions


100% Polyester


430 gr/m2 +/-5%




Upholstery Pillows


Water Repellent