Orthopedic pillow for dogs Summer Night

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The Summer Night dog pillow is designed as a double bed. The pillow filler makes up the foam combination mattress, which is made according to mattress manufacturing standards.

10 cm of solid PU foam and 3 cm of memory foam will support the dog's body perfectly. The advantage of memory foam is the complete adaptation to the dog's body, in which the heavier parts of the dog sink more into the foam.

lighter, less and completely adapts to the body under heat. The pillow base is made of high-quality, high-density PU foam. The pillow supports the dog's body without the possibility of transformation. The cushion fabric is made of outdoor fabric and is also suitable for terraces. In addition to being water-repellent, it is also resistant to the sun's rays.


For all age groups, especially dogs that spend a lot of time outside.


Washing cover: 40 , pillow 40 (the pillow needs to be shaken and rubbed several times during drying)

Washing the filler: no

Dryer: no

Ironing: yes

Summer fabric weight: 190g/m2, fabric resistance to rubbing - 20,000 revolutions


100% Polyolefin, PU + Acrylic coating