Mobile Pet House Sunrise

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Mobile Pet House Sanrise was created as a summer variant of MOBILE PET HOUSE Wild Nature. In the white metal structure, there is an 8 cm high dog pillow made of outdoor fabric in one of three colors and striped pillows. The fabric is waterproof with a UV protect film, and it comes with a zipper. You can wash both the cover and the filler independently. The filler is made of retex and filled with silicone balls, so your dog can dip into the soft balls, on request it can also be filled with memory foam. For complete comfort, there is a cushion that is independent, so you can take it off and move it depending on the dog's position. When drying the pillow, be sure to shake and rub it several times so that the balls return to their original position. Memory foam should not be washed.


for puppies and small breeds.


Washing cover: 40 , pillow 30 (the pillow needs to be shaken and rubbed several times during drying)

Washing fillers: sil.filling yes, memory balls no.

Dryer: no

Ironing: yes

Summer fabric weight: 190g/m2, fabric resistance to rubbing - 20,000 revolutions


100% Polyolefin, PU + Acrylic coating